Virtual Craft Party January 2018 (Baking)

Virtual Craft Party January 2018 (Baking)

Hi, Y’all!

Well, I had wanted to do painting glass for our Virtual Craft Party but the paint I wanted to use dried out. I was very sad. So I thought about something I have been wanting to try. One of the things I have always wanted to modify the ingredients in a baking recipe and still get something edible. I know some of you will say baking is not a craft. I beg to differ. It is a craft that must be learned. It is a form of science also.

I baked my first cake all by myself I was about 13 years old. It wasn’t all that bad if you could look past the fact that I used Granulated Sugar in the Frosting instead of the Powder Sugar. Crunchy Frosting. My mother was not the best at teaching me things. I persevered and today I can say my baking skills are not to bad.

Modifying a Recipe

Changing a baking recipe and having success is a skill all Homesteaders should learn. Could be a time when you feel the need to make something and are missing one ingredient. Do you know what can be exchanged for the missing ingredients? Can you just leave it out or is it integral to the recipe? Baking is very much a science, a balanced chemical reaction to create a delight to eat.

If you don’t feel comfortable yet with your skills try following my modified recipe. I will be modifying this recipe for the cake part, Fluffy Homemade Vanilla Cake Recipe


Vanilla cake recipe

Isn’t this a pretty cake? My Baking victim to modifying.


I changed these things:


Milk=Soda (Sparkling Water is really what I used but feel free to use soda)

Here is the recipe for the frosting. BEST CHOCOLATE MAYO CAKE WITH COCOA MAYO FROSTING.

This is what I changed here:

Left out the Cocoa Powder

Vanilla Extact=Lemon Extract (If you change the flavor of the Soda be sure you find complimentary Flavoring/Extract).

Here is the Video of the Strawberry Lemonade Cake

Please if you will leave comments down below. I would love to know if you tried it how yours turned out.

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