Here is a little about Us and our Home

Hi! Some of our home basics

My name is Dustie and I live here at our home The Bricolage Hearth with Mr. Britches.

Some background information about us. Being an older couple we knew if we didn’t make the jump to the country life it might be too late. Together we decided to leave the big city of Denver, CO. Where we lived in a small over priced apartment. Now our hearth is on a small plot of land in a rural community that is in West TN. Our home is on 1 and 1/2 acres that we are trying to develop into a working Homestead. Our home project will take some time because I don’t believe this land has never been used like that. Since we are not independently wealthy we will have to put it together in bits and pieces.  Hence the name The Bricolage Hearth (Bricolage: something constructed or created from a diverse range of available things.)

Now more about us

Our life together started in 2010. We have three grown kids between us. Both of us can take the title of Jack and Jill of all trades (well maybe not all but quite a few between us). We are both the children of Military Fathers and understand discipline and tenacity. We both are very hard headed but it drives our determination. Although being hard headed has lead to learning moments between us. LOL!

Mr Britches

Mr. Britches retired as a Master Mechanic, he has along the way had many different life experiences that he has turned into skills. He enjoys many other crafting abilities that I know he will enjoy teaching you about. A few of his favorite things are leather work, small game hunting, fishing, and woodwork. He makes breakfast for us every morning and he does windows too. What a Love!

Dustie Britches

I retired as Veterinary Technician and I  can’t wait to share my experiences with animals. Please Note; I would love to be able to give you advice on medical issues, I can not legally give health advice on your pet. My skills include crafts, gardening, and cooking and love to share my photography. One of my favorite things is to teach anything that I know about if you can’t find it on this site just ask me. This old girl might not know how to do it but I love a challenge. My favorite thing is to learn new things if I don’t know how to do it I may be willing to learn and then I can teach you.

Things we will be doing

Around the home

Along the way, you’ll get to meet our animals and the silly and not so silly things they get into. I hope to get the garden going this winter and ready for spring planting in 2018. We want to show you our projects we have conquered and those that conquered us.

Exploring our world

Living so close to the woods and lake we try to get out to fish and look around. The Tennesse Wild Life Reserve is just down the road so we get to see a lot of wildlife in this protected area. Tennesse State is full of historic sites and we have just begun to hit them. My goal is to take you along with us when we do these things. I hope you will join us and follow along with us

My goal is to take you along with us when we do these things. I hope you will join us and follow along with us on our journey to complete our Bricolage Hearth.

~Yours wickedly~