From our Hearth to Your Hearth January 2018

Hearth to Hearth

putting my worries on the water

Sending off my worries

A Happy New Year From our Hearth to yours and may abundance and joy be granted to each of you this year. Man a brand new year, so many things have happened and so much more planned.

Last year’s plans

Did you accomplish your to-do list last year? I can honestly say we only got a few things done. Having to wait for the septic system and the french drain to be installed kept many of the plans on hold. The biggest accomplishment was getting chickens and making our own chicken coop. Many of our neighbors who were bringing up chickens this year gave up due to predation. So far we have not lost any birds this year. I did cull the extra the roosters this summer, 5 in total. Between the portable electric fence and the super job on the hutch, we have been free of that problem. We ended up with 6 hens and one rooster. They gifted us with 553 eggs last year. So exciting. This considering that we only had only one hen laying by herself for 2 of the seven months they laid eggs.

Hatched Spring 2017

Missy’s closeup

This year’s plans

We have so many to list but I have started the area for the garden by letting the chickens help compost the leaves and grass. I’m hoping that having done this and adding their own fertilizer the ground will be healthier than before. We have plans to get a little house to replace the trailer we are in. It will be 14ft X 40ft. This is one of the reasons we are doing the 365 De-cluttering Project  With moving to a smaller house we are working on being able to go off the grid. To accomplish this we know we have to downsize our belongings. I hope you are joining us in this endeavor. I will be posting our stuff that will be removed or upcycled at the end of each month as to not deluge you with junk. We want you to join us as we show you how it all comes together. I am hoping we will do some videos on this project. I have so many ideas, let us see how many get implemented and what gets left behind on the drawing board.

We are going to see if we can buy the land next to us also. If we can I want to get a Dexter cow. I also have plans to breed rabbits for meat and skins. I also want to make my flower garden. A place just for me. These are a few of the plans we have this year. I hope you will join us this year to see what works and what does not. Oh, the list goes on and on.

Last years Virtual Craft Projects

I will admit it was a bust. We both got sick and kept passing back and forth to each other. Not to mention the laptop dying. But that is the past and I am looking forward to doing projects with you each month. If you have anything you would like to do please speak up. I’m always game to learn something new. This months project will be faux stained glass. Things you will need are Craft Glue white and clear, Acrylic Paint in colors you like (get or have at least 4 colors plus black), paint brushes, bowls to mix colors, rag to wipe us spills, and your piece of glass. I am choosing a clear glass vase that is about 16 inches tall. We will be starting on the 15th, so be ready. I’m so excited about doing this, please post your photos on our Facebook Page TheBricolageHearth.

You can find the two Virtual Craft Party I did last year here.

September 2017 

Virtual Craft Project

Finished September Project.










October 2017

October virtual craft project

Floating hats at night











Join us

I hope you will join us through ups and downs of the next year with us. I want to share our experiences with you so you can see that if two over 50 folks can uproot and become more independent that it will inspire you to do the same for you. Even if it’s just small baby steps it’s better than just sitting and thinking about it. Please don’t forget about our monthly Virtual Craft Parties. I’m going to post the link for January’s Party. <<<—— Be sure to share your project with us here on our Facebook Page @TheBricolageHearth.

Wickedly Yours




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